Stellar Community Events
2019 Kamloops This Week Timeraiser on Nov 15 at The REX Hall
Reponsive, Creative IT Consulting
20 Years Experience, Specializing in Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing
Speaker and Idea Generator
Artist, Community Activator and Excellent Problem Solver

The Timeraiser

Fri, Nov 15, 2019 at The REX Hall -- Artists are paid for their work, nonprofits find skilled volunteers, Canadians find meaningful volunteer opportunities.

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IT Consulting

Over 20 years programming experience. Specialize in Business Intelligence and Data Design - with experience with Application development and Social Media.

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And more...

Also an artist who loves doing commissions. And a public speaker who is passionate about STEM, community engagement and creativity.

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Social Media Management

Don’t have the knowledge, time or energy to manager all the different social media platforms out there?  But you know how valuable it is to connect with customers – both existing and potential!  We can work with your business to manage Facebook, Twitter, your blog and other relevant platforms.

$300/month for Facebook and Twitter
add $100/month to include a blog
add $50/month for each additional service (i.e. Pinterest, YouTube, LinkedIn etc)


Standard rate is $125/hr

This rate applies to event coordination, custom application development and management consulting services

Social Performance Assessment

Measure the effectiveness of your current social responsibility programs, job satisfaction or social media effectiveness.  All results will be anonymous and summarized in a professional report.