Kamloops Timeraiser

So the 2013 Timeraiser has come and gone and was another success. The committed volunteer hours, plus an estimated 20 hours for each participant in attendance, means we raised 2105 volunteer hours for Kamloops agencies, we invested $6178 into the careers of local artists and had 20 agencies connected with potential volunteers.

Thank you to my helpers (Kelly Maxfield, Andrea Earle, Linda McRae, Mike Kuromi, Leah Caldow, Kurt Richter, Chris Wright, the staff at Cactus Jacks) and all the amazing sponsors.  This event would not happen without your support, assistance and contributions!

The first question from people who talk to me is 'how did it go!?'  The answer is: it was great, and a little disappointing.  The event was better organized, I was 10 times more relaxed and much of the crowd consisted of new faces.  It was great that there were a bunch of people there I didn't know because it means news of the event has reached outside my immediate circle of influence and that is really exciting!  The numbers that deliver impact however, (money to artists and volunteer hours raised) were a tiny bit lower this year compared to last - and of course I had set my sights higher.  The main reason for this was that the attendance numbers were similar to last year and there was more artwork (so less bidding wars).

Some ideas to help the event grow that I will pursue over the next year - engage with a marketing professional to have a comprehensive marketing plan and consider a change in venue.  I have created a feedback survey so that everyone can contribute their ideas to make it bigger and better: http://fluidsurveys.com/surveys/tember/timeraiser-feedback/

I have sent all the winner emails out - so if you haven't received yours, please let me know.  And the agencies will be introduced to people who indicated interest over the next week.  I am also delivering 11 of the 18 pieces of artwork to displayed for the next 12 months in the office of the sponsors.  So if you have a favourite piece that you would like to see again - just ask and I can tell you where it is on display :) 

I have some great photos from the event on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.494809773922293.1073741826.123278047742136&type=1&l=e137c8c9a9

Now go sign up a team for the CSR Olympics :)

Timeraiser - YouTube