Commissioned Fine-Art TShirts

Looking for a way to celebrate and promote your vision? Unique, fine art T-shirts (art T's) can be commissioned especially for you.  Dedicated artists create imagery in the spirit of your cause or business based on a simple questionnaire.  T-shirts are 100% cotton and are manufactured, printed and designed in Canada. 

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Employee perception and satisfaction survey.

A 38 question survey that measures the internal perceptions of current social programs.  It also measures attitudes and behaviours that would be affected by improved social programs - giving you a baseline and a tool to measure progress.  Word Document.


When you hire Social Fire, the result is to make your business more successful and connected community.  We are extremely flexible and want to align with your company goals and fit your budget.   Our mission is to find and leverage your company's unique capabilities in supporting social causes, and improve your competitive context.

We are adaptable to whatever you have in mind, but our traditional menu of services includes:

  • event coordination for traditional corporate event as well as meaningful community activities such as volunteer programs and fundraising
  • social media consulting and strategic planning
  • consulting on sustainable business practices and employee engagement
  • assistance understanding and implementing the ISO 260000
  • quantitative assessment of the success of business practices and employee programs

Prices on our most popular services:

Event coordination

less than 10 people : $400
between 10 and 20 people : $460
between 20 and 50 people : $600
more than 50 people : $1120

These numbers are estimates based on a basic idea.  Unusual events and hard costs are extra. Social Fire will take care of the details and coordinate with your staff to make it happen.

Social Media Management

Don't have the knowledge, time or energy to manager all the different social media platforms out there?  But you know how valuable it is to connect with customers - both existing and potential!  We can work with your business to manage Facebook, Twitter, your blog and other relevant platforms.

$250/month for Facebook and Twitter
add $100/month to include a blog
add $50/month for each additional service (i.e. Pinterest, YouTube, LinkedIn etc)


Standard rate is $80/hr 

This rate applies to event coordination, custom application development and management consulting services

Social Performance Assessment

Measure the effectiveness of your current social responsibility programs, job satisfaction or social media effectiveness.  All results will be anonymous and summarized in a professional report.

less than 10 people : $140
between 10 and 20 people : $200
between 20 and 50 people : $300
more than 50 people : $400


We are always focused on metrics and will gather data as the event progresses for a summary report at the end



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