Social Fire's mission is to leverage your company's unique capabilities in supporting social causes and improve you competitive context.  We do this by:

  • identifying opportunities in your business that will create wealth and improve society
  • increase your community connections, both online and in person, to facilitate better customer communications and viral marketing
  • assisting companies to recognize their employees with fun, meaningful activities
  • educating on the benefits of sustainable business practices and community involvement


  • Honesty and transparency
  • Activities benefit all involved
  • Inclusive
  • Focus on
    • growing the breadth of community involvement
    • delivering tangible value to the client


Social Fire envisions everyone contributing to the best of their ability everyday: in their workplace and in their community. This will create a connected, active community where people and companies support their neighbours and feel responsible for the state of their surroundings.

Every business has the ability to create wealth and improve society.