Our vision was to create a movement that encourages new people to get involved in community service without taking away from the efforts and resources of other agencies.   We want to showcase how easy it is to get involved, the vast array of ways to support your community and how it these activities bring happiness into your life.   Pete & September spent a lot of time brain storming about what we could do to increase citizen involvement, but talking is the easy part :)

When the CSR Olympics idea took shape and we went with it – inviting people like you to form teams and record their activities.  The people who make the choice to join this challenge in its inaugural year are our heros.  And by stepping up and taking part in this new movement, they not only did great work in the community, they helped fulfill our dream.  Thank you!

The outcome is 14 teams, 100 participants, over 13,000 volunteer hours, $153,000 raised, 13 units of blood donated and 100’s of random acts of kindness!!  From fostering animal babies for the SPCA, to being a burn camp counselor, to helping people move, to chairing the RIH Foundation Gala, to visiting lonely neighbours in the hospital, to serving patrons at Ribfest, to coordinating the Boob Tour, to branding calves…  people showcased their contributions and the CSR Olympics recognized and shared the results.

As a new idea, it needs to evolve rapidly to become a sustainable and must-attend event.  Please share your thoughts, experiences and opinions on the CSR Olympics by completing this survey: http://fluidsurveys.com/surveys/tember/csr-olympics-feedback/

We thoroughly enjoyed our journey to creating the CSR Olympics together – see you next year!